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[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]If you are a Business owner and you are using Twitter to promote your Business Services and Special Offers to your Customers, Followers, and Fans, then you are going to want to check out TweetUp. What is TweetUp? TweetUp is a Twitter Search Engine Tool that allows Businesses and Partner Advertisers to Pay to Promote their Content, their Tweets, directly to Twitter users. This Content based Ad Platform allows for Companies and Businesses to promote their important Information, Specials, Events, Sales Items, and more directly to Twitter users who would not normally be following their Profile. As a Business Advertiser and Marketing Professional, my Goal in sending Targeted Tweets would be 1) to intrigue to Twitter user to Share or Re-Tweet the Promoted Tweet to their Network and Friends, 2) to generate and earn a new Fan, Customer, and/or Follower of your Business, and 3) to generate and create New Business and Sales for your Company through your Advertised Promotions. Kudos to Bill Gross of idealab on his new startup company for creating a great Ad Platform idea and concept. I for one would use this service for Clients and Businesses alike. I forsee TweetUp becoming a very effective tool to convey and promote a pertinent Company and/or Business message/offer to one of the Biggest Social Networks in the world. I will be following TweetUp and keep you posted on the new changes, modifications, and revelations. I am personally going to take advantage up TweetUp’s Partnership Application in which you earn money for Promoting TweetUp on your Site and/or Blog through a Widget, a Search Field, and a Sign Up Widget. Check it out for yourself! Till then, Tweet on my friends. 

– Social Chadder 

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