5 Wonderful WordPress Widgets

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]Do you have a WordPress Website/Blog? Are you familiar with the sidebar Widgets? If not, listen up because Widgets are a great tools that you should be using that can help improve your WordPress Blog. Here are my Top 5 WordPress Widgets that I am currently using here on Social Chadder



1. Text: The Text Widget allows you to add Text or HTML Code to the Sidebar of your Blog. Simply type whatever Text or HTML in the Box, Title it, and Save it. Position this Widget in a good spot on your Blog, preferably near the Top, so that page viewers and followers of your Blog can see it. I used the Text Widget to import the AddThis Share Button on my Blog. I pasted the Button Code in the Box, Saved it, and Presto, now I have a Share Button for people to Share my Posts, my Info, and my Site! 

2. Image: The Image Widget allows you to add an Image, like a Logo or Picture, to the Sidebar of your Blog. The best part about this Widget is that it can be a great marketing tool to promote your personal/business affiliate sites. How you ask? By attaching a URL to the Image, your Image becomes a button that users can use to navigate to a new page! I’ve used this Tool to promote my Google Profile, Facebook Fan Page, and my LinkedIn Profile. See my Image Widgets in action on SocialChadder.com 

3. Meta: The Meta Widget provides you with a series of valuable Links for your WordPress Blog. 1) Site Admin – While logged in takes you back to your Blog Dashboard, which is the Back-End of your Site/Blog, allowing you to create posts, make changes, and update info  2) Log In/Log out – Let’s you Log In and Out directly from your Site Homepage 3) Entries RSS – Links to your Blog’s RSS Feed which allows readers and followers to subscribe to your Blog Feed 4) WordPress.com – Links you to WordPress’ Main Page which showcases the Latest News, Tags, and more on WP.com

4. Twitter: The Twitter Widget captures your Twitter posts from your Twitter Page and posts them right on your Blog. How cool is that?! Using this Widget allows your readers to see what your tweeting about and hopefully intrigue them enough to Follow you on Twitter. In using the Twitter Widget you can showcase up to five of your latest tweets. I’ve used this Widget to connect my @SocialChadder Twitter Account directly to my Blog. I Love it! 

5. Blog Subscriptions: Lastly, the Blog Subscriptions Widget allows your Readers, Users, and Followers to subscribe directly to your Blog. As a Subscriber they will receive the latest and greatest information from your Site/Blog including your latest posts, updates, and info right in their Email Inbox. This is a great tool and a must for all Blogs. Make sure to personalize your Blog Subscription Message. A personal message to your Subscribers will resonate more and create a better connection with your Followers.  

What’s your favorite WordPress Widget? Share and Comment below. 

– Social Chadder 

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