5 Lessons Learned on LinkedIn

 [tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]After using LinkedIn for some time now and working to better my Professional Profile I have learned 5 valuable Lessons that have enabled me to increase my network, add professional connections, and obtain fans and followers of my work. Here are the 5 Lessons that you to should consider using and adding to your LinkedIn Profile. 

1) Import your Blog – Using the given Applications provided by LinkedIn you can import your Blog to read directly on your LinkedIn Profile Page. Use either the BlogLink or WordPress Application and connect your Blog to your Profile so that your latest posts appear on your Profile Page. This is an excellent tool to use and implement in that it allows your connections and those following you to read up on your latest Blog Posts right from your LinkedIn Page. 

2) Add and Sync your Twitter Account – Make sure to add your Twitter Account to your LinkedIn Profile Page. Adding your Twitter User Name will not only Add your Twitter Account as a visible link, but it will also pull all of your Tweets from your account and post them as Status Updates to your LinkedIn Profile. This is a great tool to increase your Twitter Followers and to keep your LinkedIn Connections in the know of what you are Tweeting about.  

3) Promote 3 Websites – This could possibly be my favorite feature. LinkedIn allows for you to Promote 3 Websites on your LinkedIn Profile. The Websites can include your own Personal Website, your Company Website, your Blog, your RSS Feed, or your Portfolio. You can even promote a Website of your choosing and give it a title by choosing the Other category. Other websites to promote could include your Facebook Page, other Profile Sites, Social Sites, and your Professional Resume. Do it. 

4) Post LinkedIn Button on your Site – Be sure to post a “View my LinkedIn Profile” Button on your Website. This is a great tool to use to Promote your Professional LinkedIn Profile to your webpage viewers, customers, and followers. Adding this button can assist you in building up your Professional Business Network and creating more awareness of your Professional Profile and Business Services. 

5) Join Groups and Contribute – Join Groups that you have an Interest in on LinkedIn, specifically Groups that are relevant to your Business and your Career. Joining Groups can introduce you to a whole new network of Business Professionals like yourself that share a vested interest in the same Business Industry and Business Services. Make connections with these fellow Group members to expand and build upon your Network. Also, use these Group members to consult with, share ideas and philosophies with, as well as discuss business tactics and models that have and haven’t worked for you and your business. As a Company you can post Jobs to hire as well as list jobs to acquire. Feel free to create pertinent discussions relating to your business and share insights through your own opinions and thoughts by contributing to other members discussions. You can even create your own Group or Sub Group that is important and related to your business and interests. 

There are lots of useful Tools to take advantage of and utilize on LinkedIn. These are just 5 of my favorites that I’ve come to Learn about and Like through my use of LinkedIn. I hope that you have found these tools to your benefit and wish you good luck in adding them to your LinkedIn Page to better your Profile. Want to connect with me, Social Chadder, on LinkedIn? Sweet! Visit my Professional Profile at:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/cplass. Send me an Invite to Connect and I’ll gladly accept! 

– Social Chadder 

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