Company Follow Announced for LinkedIn

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]Company Follow was announced this past Thursday, April 29th, by Ryan Roslansky via his post on the LinkedIn Blog. What is it? It’s a great new Business Tool that allows you to Follow Businesses and Companies that interest you. As a LinkedIn Professional and User this is a welcome addition to the already great features, applications, and options that LinkedIn offers. What would you use this for? Use this Tool to Follow your favorite Companies, Businesses, and Organizations. Be the first to receive the latest Company News, Business Information, Employee Hires, Job Openings, Business Development Opportunities, and much more. The addition of Company Follow to the LinkedIn user experience will definitely change the way that we follow and receive new Business Information on LinkedIn. I for one will be using this Tool to my benefit and recommend you do the same. Need to know how to Follow a Company? Simply type in the Company/Business name in the Company Search Field, locate the Company, then Click Follow Company in the right hand corner of the Business Profile, and you are good to go. Be sure to adjust your Notification Settings under the Companies Tab to your Personal Preference. Get in the game today and begin following Companies that interest you! For more information on this announcement and to read more about Company Follow, visit Ryan’s Blog Post on the LinkedIn Blog. 

– Social Chadder 

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