4 keys to creating a successful radio advertisement for your business

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]Radio advertisements can sometimes be tricky to create and it can be difficult to convey your message effectively. You could be sending the wrong message or presenting the wrong offer and consumers are changing the channel. It’s very important to capture your audience right from the beginning of the ad spot and reel them in to listening to your commercial. I’ve put together 4 keys to creating a successful radio advertisement that will help you and your business get recognized, create awareness of your company services and product offerings, and in the end show a return and result on your radio advertising campaign.

1. Create a compelling offer: The offer is the most important part of the radio advertisement. For a radio advertisement you want to create an offer that is going to excite people, one that’s going make them open up their ears and listen to your commercial. If you are a business that is trying to sell products, you want to advertise your hottest items, the latest new products, and your biggest sellers. Items that are popular, items that are on sale, and items that your competitors can’t compete with are all great items to advertise and include in your offer. If you are a business that offers services, you want to promote your best service offerings and values to your consumers. Make your offers pop and stand out, let them be heard, and you will get recognized. The more compelling your offer is, the more cause for consumers to take action and come into your store, visit your website, contact you on the phone, and hopefully in the end make a purchase on the items that you advertised.

2. We like values, yes we do: All consumers enjoy a good value, this we know. Whether you are buying a new television for the lowest advertised price of the year or you are enjoying the half price daily drink specials at your local watering hole, a good value is important to a consumer. Your compelling offer directly relates to the value given to the consumer. Make the value of your offer an important and attractive one to the consumer. Great examples of a good value include presenting the consumer with a savings off their purchase, a discount on multiple purchases, or even a free gift or service for their patronage and business. By building value, you are helping to build the consumers trust in your company and your services, and you are taking steps towards creating a business/consumer relationship which could last for many years to come.

3. Urgency creates excitement: In your radio ad creating urgency of a sale start date and end date gives the consumer a limited time to take advantage of your offer. This is a very important component not only to a sales plan, but to your radio ad as well. Urgency forces consumers to take action. It presents your consumers with a deadline and a window of which they can take advantage of your special offer. If they miss that window, than they’ve missed the opportunity. The shorter the time period of the sale dates, the more limited the offer, which creates more excitement and desire for those consumers to shop at your store or go and buy online. Always be sure to include your sale dates of when your sale starts and when it ends at the beginning and end of your message. Include how long the sale is, how long your offer is valid for, and reiterate that in your message so that there is no room for error or consumer confusion. The less confusion for the consumer, the better.

4. Tagging and business mentions: Tagging and business mentions are very important to consumer’s recognition of your business and your promotional offer. Introduce your business in the beginning of the commercial by stating your business name and what you do. If people haven’t heard of you and they don’t about you, how else are they going to learn about you business if they don’t know your name. Include your tag line, motto, and business service goals if you like. They help to paint a picture for the consumer and brand your business and company. Always include your phone number, and don’t just read it once, read it twice at the very minimum. No one can remember a phone number read to them once especially while driving in the car. Include your business web address directing people to visit your site to learn more about your company, to sign up for your company newsletter, to see your service offerings, your products, and heck to even do some shopping and buy something. And lastly include your social media sites at the end of your radio read. Invite consumers to become fans of your Facebook page and to follow you on Twitter so that they can receive more special offers and be the first to know about new promotions, products, and more. Always mention your business information and tag. It will help to better market your business and grow your audience.  

It’s not over yet folks, this is just the beginning for you and your radio advertisement my friends. I’ve introduced you to 4 keys to use to create a successful radio advertisement, well know you’ve got to dive in and do the dirty work and create the ad and ad campaign. Start by developing your media strategy. Know your audience as they know you. Do your research and figure out what stations they are listening to and why they are listening to those stations and that will help you to determine your mix. Meet with station account reps and learn the best times to advertise on those stations and go over pricing. Know your budget. How much are you willing and going to spend to make this sales promotion a success. Sit down and develop your offer and the value presented with your offer. What is going to drive people to make a purchase and shop at your store or visit your establishment. Create goals for your sales event and measure them. Measurement and analysis will tell you if your radio campaign is working for your business. Then, revise and re-try. Different offers, different inclusions, different sale dates, are all things to test out in the continued development of your radio advertising campaign. Good luck.

– Social Chadder

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