4 Fun Promotional Marketing Strategies for your Business

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]Promotional marketing strategies are an important piece to the puzzle in creating a successful marketing mix. Why? Promotional marketing strategies are great brand builders that create excitement for your customers about your business. Promotions encourage customers and consumers to visit your webpage, come into your store, and ultimately it reminds them of your company and brand. Here are 4 fun promotional marketing strategies to consider and use for your business. 

1. Contests: Running a contest for your business is a great way to increase site activity, generate store traffic, and even amp up the incoming business calls. The key is creating a contest that is effortless to enter and presents an attractive prize for the winner. Examples of contests include: writing contests, photo contests, best comment contest, most creative food dish, and so and so on. Promote your contest in the right manner through your website, in your print, and through other media be it digital or social, and contests can produce a great response rate and return for your business.  

2. Sweepstakes: Sweepstakes, enter the sweepstakes here! Fill out your name here and if we pull your entry you’re the lucky winner of a trip for two to Hawaii! Aloha! Okay, so maybe I’m getting ahead of myself and I started day dreaming. I apologize. Not all sweepstakes are trips to Hawaii but wouldn’t it be great if they were. Sweepstakes can be trips, prizes, services, and/or anything of value that you’d like to give away to one lucky winner. Pick a sweepstakes that you feel would be most attractive to your customer base. The more attractive the sweepstakes offer, the more entries your business will receive. Sweepstakes provide great publicity of your business and brand through the promotion, and not to mention that the response rate is relatively easy to track in that customers can enter online, in store, or over the phone. 

3. Giveaways: A giveaway is a great promotional marketing strategy to run especially while having a business sale. Come in to our store today for the biggest sale of the year and receive this! This, can be whatever you see fit to giveaway to your customers. One year I ran a private sale and gave away tape measures to everyone that came into the store for the sale. They didn’t have to be buyers to get a tape measure. If they came to the sale, I gave each and every one of them a tape measure to take home with them just for attending. Tape meaures? The company I worked for sold high-end appliances and the idea was for the customers to be able to use the tape measures to measure their space openings in their home for their appliances. It’s important to make sure that your giveaway has purpose and meaning or in some way markets your brand. Each tape measure I passed out had the company tag imprinted on the side including the logo, web address, and phone number. This builds top of mind reference. A free gift is always appreciated people. A free gift that someone can use, is even more worthwhile to the recipient. Remember, your giveaway is helping to not only increase your brand recognition but also promote your business at the same time. 

4. Special Appearances: Have you ever been to a special appearance before? I have. I went to see one of my favorite athletes of all time when he was appearing at a car show in the great city of Chicago. Who was it Social Chadder, who was it? Alright ready, it was Walter Payton at the Auto Show in McCormick Place, in the 80’s, appearing for Cadillac automobiles. I remember it as a special appearance for me because I was able to see one of my idols, but I still to this day remember the automaker responsible for his appearance. Thank you Cadillac. Special appearances can work great for your business because people are natural fans of athletes, stars, or celebrities. The key is getting the right person to attract the right customers to your business. For Cadillac at that time, Walter Payton was the biggest thing going and the right choice. Choose wisely and promote the heck out of your special appearance event and you could garner a large turn out at your place of business. During the special appearance is your time to engage and speak with these new potential customers about your business, your business services, and the special product offerings your business has to offer. You could be earning a new customer for life. 

Promotional marketing strategies can be fun and effective at the same time with the right planning and creative concept. The key is to make the promotion work for you and your business. Try these 4 promotional marketing strategies by developing them to attract and complement your customer base and clintele. The main goal of a in creating a promotional marketing strategy is to increase company and brand awareness. With the right balance, the right offer, and the right message you can create a successful marketing promotion that can help meet this goal and generate excitement about and around your business. 

– Social Chadder 

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