Top Twitter Analytic Tools to Use

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]New Twitter tools seem to be popping up more and more every day. With so many tools, you start to ask yourself, which ones should I use? Which tools are the right tools? And why should I use this one over that one? Well in this post I’ll introduce you to some of my favorite Twitter Analytic Tools.  These tools will help you to better understand your Twitter following, help you to grow your following, find new people to follow, and ultimately analyze the progression and ranking of your Twitter account.

Google has a great tool called the Follow Finder. If you’re looking to increase your following but don’t know who to follow, the Follow Finder can help. Enter your Twitter name and the Finder will analyze your social graph. The results produced are a recommendation of who you might be interested in following based on your social list and similar public lists. Put more simply, the Finder will tell you who you’re missing out on and might want to consider following. I’ve found this tool useful to locate other social media marketers that I wasn’t following. As I increase my following, I still go back and use the Follow Finder to see if new profiles with similar interests come up that I may want to follow. 

 The Twitter Counter is one of my favorite statistical Twitter websites. The Twitter Counter analyzes your Twitter account and produces key graphs and metrics about your followers, your following, your tweets, and your Twitter future. The trend charts and graphs produced about your Twitter account show the daily changes to your account, as well as by week, month, and three-month period. The latest tool added the Twitter Counter is the Predictive Tool. The Predictive Tool shows you how long it will take to grow your following based upon your current Twitter account activity. I recommend subscribing to the email update service they provide which sends you analytic updates about your account. I also took the opportunity to add the Twitter Counter button to my blog which is a great addition to your website and/or blog. The button displays the number of people you currently have following you and links directly to your Twitter Counter statistics page.

Friend or Follow is a great relationship tool for Twitter. Friend or Follow let’s you find out three simply things with regards to your followers and following. 1) Who are you following is not following you back 2) Who are you not following back that is following you 3) Who are your mutual following friends. Great information here to look at. Gives you a real understanding of the make up of your Twitter account. Another unique feature of Friend or Follow is that you can export any one of the three reports directly into Microsoft Excel. Use Friend or Follow to better understand your following and the people you follow. The results may present some interesting decisions. 

The Twitter Grader is another analytic Twitter tool that presents valuable information about your Twitter account. The Twitter Grader shows you how influential you are on Twitter. Meaning when you Tweet, what kind of impact will your tweets have. The Grader gives you a solid reading into the power of your Twitter account compared to the other millions of Twitter users that have been graded.  Use the Twitter Grader to see how your Twitter account stacks up, ranks, and improves over time among the Twitter community.

Qwitter is a Twitter tool that alerts you when people stop following you. Sign up for Qwitter by submitting your email and Qwitter will send you email alerts of the quitters that have decided to no longer follow you and your tweets. I like this tool because it’s the only one that I’ve found that keeps track of your following. Some of the time, we all have had our drop offs, and you wonder who stopped following me? Well problem solved. Activate your Qwitter account to be able to see who no longer finds you interesting. Boo hoo.

There are many more Twitter Tools out there worth trying and testing. These are just a few. Many more to come. I plan on adding to this list as I experiment more with which tools are worth using and recommending. Use the sites above to obtain a better understanding of your Twitter following, help grow your following, find new people to follow, and to analyze the progression and ranking of your Twitter account. Give these five a try and let me know what you think. Your feedback is much appreciated. Leave your comments below. I believe that each of these tolls can provide beneficial information for you to use for your personal and/or business Twitter accounts.

– Social Chadder

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