The Importance of Social Media for Business

[tweetmeme source="socialchadder"]Marketing is changing and evolving. Social Media, Social Networks, and Social Technology have become the future of business marketing. Adding Social Media to your business marketing plan is no longer a consideration, it’s a must. If you’re a business owner and your business is not Social, you need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy. You are missing out on a big opportunity to connect with current and potential customers. Social Media can increase consumer connections, broaden and improve brand awareness, promote top of mind business recognition, improve customer service, and create the opportunity for new potential sales. Let’s get started, shall we!

Increase Consumer Connections: Social Media is the perfect media outlet to increase consumer connections for your business. Social sites like Facebook and Twitter allow you to directly interact and connect with consumers. You as the business owner are the moderator of these conversations. You provide the topic, you submit the content, and your fans and followers react and interact. Ask questions, request opinions, and create conversation through posting unique and interesting information. The more interested your connections are in your post, the more likely they will react to it, Like it, Re-tweet, or even share it. This will increase your consumer connections and grow the following and fans of your business.  

Broaden Brand Awareness: Your Social sites are your business voice. When you post and publish content you are promoting and marketing your business. With each character you share you are increasing the opportunity of growing your following and broadening your brand awareness.  With every Like, every Share, and every Re-Tweet your message is being sent and viewed by millions of new potential fans and followers. These potential fans and followers may have never heard of your business before, but if your post captures their interest, you may be on your way to them liking or following your business. Your social business voice can improve your reach, broaden your brand awareness, all the while hopefully earning you a new potential customer.

Top of Mind Recognition: Placing ads in the newspaper, in magazines, on TV, and on the radio may be effective but does it create constant top of mind recognition? Not likely. There is nothing better for top of mind recognition than Social Media. When you are active with your social sites, your fans are watching and listening. They see it when you post, the read what you’ve written, and they may interact with what you’ve said. Consistency is more key than anything else. The more consistent your posts, submissions, and interactions are the more likely that your business will remain recognized and stay at a top of mind level. You are improving your chances of your customers and connections remembering your business when it’s time to make that important purchase.

Improve Customer Service: You many not believe it, but #SocialMedia can serve as a valuable customer service tool. In today’s Social Age if a consumer has a problem, they may call, they may email, but they may also take it to the web and voice it on your social site. Fear not business owners. This problem and customer issue can be solved through your social media sites. Interact appropriately, react promptly, and provide solutions to your customer. Let them know that you are working on the issue and that you are going to make the situation right for them. Your fans, followers, and customers will appreciate and respect your business even more seeing how professionally your business addresses customer service issues.   

New Potential Sales: Social Media can be used as business platform to earn new customers for your business through #Marketing, #Advertising, and #Promotions. It all depends on how you go to market and how you communicate with to and with your fans and followers, and your non fans and followers. All posts published should serve a purpose. It is important to create a balanced Social Media marketing and communication strategy for your business. One part is sharing content with your connections creating social interaction and conversation, the other part is advertising the right sale offers, running the right business promotions, and trying to grow your business and business following. Marketing and promoting your business products and services effectively and in the right manner through Social Media can prove to have a great #ROI for your campaign towards earning new sales and customers for your business.

– Social Chadder

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