Hello WordPress Share Buttons!

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Hey now, WordPress Share Buttons have arrived to WordPress.com blogs! 

The new Sharing Buttons include the new Twitter Tweet button, Facebook Share or Like, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Email, Print, Press It, and WordPress’ own Like button. This is a well deserved and needed addition for those us that are WordPress.com bloggers that have been having to add their own Share Buttons for some time. I’ve been using the AddtoAny button allowing using users to share posts to various social sites as well as the TweetMeme Twitter button for re-tweets. They are both easy to add to your blog posts, but they were continued manual additions at the end of each post. With this update the Share Buttons appear automatically at the bottom of your WordPress post and/or your blog pages. This is a must add tool to your WordPress blog!

Here’s how to add them: 

Under “Settings” click on the “Sharing” category link. That will bring you to the Sharing Settings page which will display all the available services/share buttons. Simply drag and drop the buttons of your choosing into the Enabled Services area. The buttons will appear in the Live Preview area which gives you a glimpse of what your share buttons will look like on your post and page. You can leave the buttons as traditional small logo icons or your can enable and convert the buttons to Smart Buttons. Smart buttons are specifically available for the Tweet button, Facebook Like or Share, Digg, StumbleUpon, and Reddit. Additional customization is available allowing you to choose your button style (text or logo), share bar title (Share This), open link preference (Same Window or New Window), and placement of buttons (On Pages, On Posts, or Both). Once you’ve created your line-up and adjusted your settings, the last button option is the new WordPress Like button. This is used much like the Facebook Like button allowing users and readers to Like your blog posts. This button will be featured below your Share Buttons, above your comments section, and is a great addition to gauge the popularity of your posts.

The best optional of all of these Share Buttons by far is the inclusion of the Facebook button. As we all know, WordPress and JavaScript don’t mix so WordPress bloggers have been unable to add the Facebook Like and/or Share button to their blog posts and pages. Having the functionality of the Facebook Like and Share button is a welcomed addition which allows users and readers to Share and Like your posts and pages on Facebook , the largest social community in the world. 

Thank you WordPress for taking the time to make this update to WordPress.com blogs. I’m thrilled to have this new tool and you should be too! Why, well because WordPress just made it easier for you to share this post with your friends and followers! See the buttons below.

– Social Chadder

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