4 Social Media Sites to Follow

[tweetmeme source=”socialchadder”]Social Media is constantly changing and evolving and it is important to stay up to date in hearing the latest news, updates, info, and Social trends. Here are 4 Social Media Sites to Follow that I’ve found to be a great resource for everything Social. Follow these sites and you’ll be in the know with everything that you need to know. Learn what you can, read and understand, and get the latest and greatest Social Media info and news on the spot. 

Mashable is one of the greatest resources for everything that is Social Media. From How To Guides, to Breaking News, to Reviews, Marketing Tips, and more. Mashable is the complete Social Media resource. Since it’s inception in 2005 Mashable it has grown into a Social Media news powerhouse. Currently tracking over 30 million monthly page views, being followed by over 2.8 million people, and the proud owner of a recognized and regarded Top 10 Blog. If you wish to learn more, stay up to date, and understand the ins and outs of Social Media, connect and follow Mashable. Find Mashable online at www.Mashable.com. Follow on Twitter: @Mashable and Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/Mashable

  Social Media Examiner is your guide to the Social Media Jungle. Social Media Examiner is a great online resource designed to help businesses better understand how to use Social Media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All of which is geared towards assisting you in generating leads, finding new business, and broadening awareness. Online since 2009, the Social Media Examiner has served as a great source of news, info, knowledge, and understanding. Find excellent advice and guides to better your business and learn how to apply the latest social media tools to your business. Find the Social Media Examiner online at www.SocialMediaExaminer.com. Follow on Twitter: @smexaminer and Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/smexaminer.

 MediaPost is a leading resource for Marketing, Advertising, and Social Media providing complete coverage, news, and insight on the latest industry happenings. Media Post was founded in 1996 and has been one of the largest and most influential media sites on the web. Their blogs, news, and directories currently help a community of more than 100,000 members better plan their marketing, advertising, and social media plans. The Social Media & Marketing Daily Section and the Social Media Insider Blog both serve as great Social Media resources to follow in order to better understand how Social Tools are being used industry wide. Find Media Post online at www.MediaPost.com. Follow on Twitter: @MediaPost and Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/MediaPost

TechCrunch is a leading technology media property, dedicated to profiling business startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech and social media news. TechCrunch is the ultimate resource for the latest news that you need to know. If you’re looking to hear the news before it’s reported anywhere else, TechCrunch is the top site. Founded in 2005 TechCrunch currently tracks over 33 million monthly page views, reaches 10 million unique visitors, and operates a global network of properties from Europe to Japan. TechCrunch is one of the most influential news brands in the tech industry and is worth the follow. FInd TechCrunch online at: www.TechCrunch.com. Follow on Twitter: @TechCrunch and Follow on Facebook: Facebook.com/TechCrunch.

Do you have other Social Media resources or sites that you follow and find useful? Share them here.

– Social Chadder

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