WordPress bakes their own Blackbird Pie

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Did you hear the new word from a little Blackbird? WordPress has now made it incredibly easy for WP Bloggers to embed Tweets into Blog Posts.

If you’re unfamiliar with this, it has become more of a common practice for quoting an individual to take their Tweet and paste it into a Blog Post for reference. Twitter currently offers a cool tool called Blackbird Pie, which takes the url of a users Tweet and turns it into HTML code which you can then embed into your Blog or Website. Well WordPress has taken it a step further and eliminated the entire “obtaining the code” process, by allowing you to directly paste the url of a Tweet into your Blog Post, and the posted Tweet will appear!

Here’s an example:

Pretty sweet! So the next time that you’re looking to quote a Tweet or make a Tweet reference, you’ve got the tool on WordPress. It’s convenient, easy, and it’ll sure save you time from having to snag a tweet or reach out to grab the code to paste in your post.

Know of other cool WordPress tools worth noting? Share them here!

– Social Chadder

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