Will Messaging make Facebook your Homepage?

[tweetmeme source=”socialchadder”]Facebook has come out with plenty of updates this year from Groups, to Places, to Messaging. Messaging by far is the most unique and interesting. A new communication method that combines chat, text, and email into one communication vehicle. It’s the simplification of communication. Check out this video for an in-depth explanation:

Interesting concept, isn’t it? Messaging will certainly be the future of integrated communication on Facebook. It will allow you connect and communicate with all those you wish on a consolidated stream of messages. As the messaging system is further implemented into the Facebook profile pages, more and more people will likely move towards using Facebook as their main communication vehicle. Sure email, chat, and text will still have their place in certain conversations but eventually those conversations could transfer to Facebook. With that does it make sense then to make Facebook your Homepage? Facebook has been promoting banners like this one on profile pages calling out for users to make Facebook your Homepage.

Would you make Facebook your Homepage? Will Messaging make you want to make Facebook your Homepage? Facebook is already the most visited site on the internet. With the integration of communication and ease of use to reach all those you wish and are connected with, it may make sense to Log-on and jump right back into the conversation on Facebook right where you left off.


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