5 Tabs Worth Adding to your Facebook Business Page

[tweetmeme source=”socialchadder”]Facebook Tabs are an excellent marketing vehicle and promotional element to add to your Facebook Fan Page. Here are 5 Tabs worth adding to enhance your page.

Twitter: The Twitter Tab powered by Involver is a great tab to add to your Facebook Business Page. If you have a Twitter account and are not doing this already, get on this and hook it up on your page. The Involver Twitter app obtains your Twitter feed and uploads it into the tab on your Facebook Page. This is great chance to create awareness of your Twitter account, share your tweets with your Facebook fans, and hopefully convert a few fans to follow you on Twitter. Example: Social Chadder Twitter Tab


Welcome Tab: Adding the Welcome Tab gives your visitors a place to land when they come to your page. You don’t want to attract people to your page and send them to your wall. Your info page is not a bad spot, but creating a Welcome tab, is well more welcoming. It gives you the chance to introduce your self, explain your business, service, or passion, and offer insight into why people should Like and Follow your page. Example: NFL Welcome Tab


News: The News Tab is another Facebook Tab powered by Involver. If you have a personal or business blog, this tab is for you. The News Tab pulls connects with your Blog feed and pulls in your post information to the tab. This allows for your fans and followers to read up on your latest blog posts right off your Facebook page. It also spreads awareness of your blog and serves as a chance to draw more viewers and subscribers to your blog page. Example: Plass Appliance News Tab

Video: The interest in video on the internet will continue to grow. In adding the Video Tab to your Facebook page it allows you to showcase your business videos, seminars, blog videos, commercials, and more onto your Facebook page. Imagine YouTube on your Facebook Page. Video is excellent form of media to share and communicate with to your fans. If you have the assets to upload, add it to your own page. If you post it, people will watch. Example: Electrolux Corporation Video Tab


FBML: Ah Facebook Markup Language. This is everyone’s favorite. The canvas is yours with FBML. You have the ability to create your own mini-webpage right within this tab. Use it to design your own message to your fans and followers by incorporating links, video, your twitter feed, whatever you wish, as long as you can code it. The more advanced you are, the more freedom you will have to create. Example: FREE Oreo Cakesters Tab

There’s 5 for you to check out, try, and enjoy. Use them to your benefit on your Facebook page as they will add value, create awareness, and possibly increase the interest of your page visitors to Like and Follow you.

– Social Chadder

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