Turn Tweets and FB Topics into a Digital Newspaper using Paper.li

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Extra! Extra! The Social Marketing Review is out! What’s The Social Marketing Review you ask? It’s the Digital Newspaper that I created using a cool New Social Application from Small Rivers called Paper.li. This unique Application from the privately held Swiss startup organizes links shared on Twitter and Facebook into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Sync up your Twitter account or choose topics to find on Facebook and Paper.li does the rest. The most news worthy tweets, stories, videos, pictures, and more from the people and topics you follow will get pulled into an easy to read organized daily digital newspaper. The Social Marketing Review is a Newspaper that I had created of tweets posted from the 738 people/businesses that I (@SocialChadder) follow in my Twitter Network.

This Application is designed for personal use, but I think it’s possible to use it for Business. It’s really depends upon who you follow with your Business. If you follow business partners, product vendors, and/or service suppliers then your created Paper.li Newspaper could be a useful Promotional Tool. For instance, if you own a Business that sells Electronics and you follow Vendors like Sharp, Sony, and Panasonic, your Digital Newspaper will bring in tweets and topics from those vendors. Say those Vendors post important business industry news on Facebook or tweet about the latest products, company updates, and promotions, then all of that information, relevant to your business, will be pulled in to create and produce killer content for your paper.

The Title of your paper is important. Create a unique and meaningful name for your paper that will, #1 attract readers, and #2 be representative of your business and/or passion. I follow Social Media Marketing Professionals, Social Businesses, and Social News Sites, plus have a great passion for Social Media myself, hence the daily title, The Social Marketing Review. Say you did own that Electronics business I mentioned above, come up with a cool, catchy title like The Top Tech Tribune, featuring with top stories about everything to do with electronics and tech.

Need to mentioned that there’s an excellent feature called “Promote on Twitter” which I recommend that you activate and use. Paper.li will promote your paper to your Twitter network each day through a tweet. Once your paper is updated with new content, top stories, and new tweets the new version of your newspaper is sent out to your followers and subscribers. In some cases, the auto tweet of the new daily newspaper will feature Top Stories from content provided by the people and businesses that you follow. Those who provided the Top Stories will be featured and mentioned by calling out their Twitter name. Here’s an example from The Home Appliance Daily from Plass Appliance:

This Social Application is not for everyone. I’ve found it beneficial to read and useful to stay up to date with the latest news, tweets, and topics from my Network. If Paper.li sounds interesting to you, give it a shot and get started creating your very own daily digital Social Newspaper. Once created, share the link and title of your daily newspaper here.


One thought on “Turn Tweets and FB Topics into a Digital Newspaper using Paper.li

  1. Thanks for the kudos and your suggestions are great for getting the most out of your paper.li.

    You are right about product and business promotion. Paper.li started as a platform for people to organize and visualize their own tweets and links. We are now seeing more and more groups, business, brands, and organizations using us as a collaborative content aggregation tool.

    We are finding as a whole, individuals and organizations alike have been really positive about the increased traffic to their blog and are finding more and more ways to be creative with the service. The semantic analysis of shared content and it’s ranking is helping curators of papers filter noise and bring to the table already filtered , and more focused, content.

    In the near future we will roll out new tools and features that will allow more editorial control for curators and more visibility over their readership. It is going to really exciting.

    We really enjoy hearing from our users – drop us a line with any additional questions, suggestions, comments you might have. info(at)smallrivers(dot)com

    Thanks for the great read!
    Kelly, at Paper.li

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