Use Facebook Deals to Connect with your Customers [VIDEO]

[tweetmeme source=”socialchadder”]Facebook just announced the release of Facebook Deals for Business. A new mobile application that lets customers get deals when they check-in to businesses using Facebook for iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone 7. The concept, to give businesses on Facebook the opportunity to connect more with their customers, create awareness, and build brand loyalty. View Video:

Combine Facebook Deals with the new roll-out of Sponsored Stories, and Facebook has created something special for businesses. What’s a Sponsored Story? Sponsored Stories are stories that your friends published into your News Feed. These stories show up on the right hand side of Facebook pages. Page Likes, App interactions, Pages Posts, and Place check-ins to receive Facebook Deals are all types of stories that can be included. Facebook Deals can become a Sponsored Stories and be used as recommendations for a business. View Video:

So what should you as a business owner be doing with Facebook Deals? Taking part, and getting involved, that’s what you should be doing! Get started today! With over 200 million active Facebook mobile users looking to save, Facebook Deals presents a great opportunity to increase your brand awareness, business consideration, and build customer loyalty.

Start first by creating a deal for your business. The four types of Deals offered include, the Individual Deal, the Loyalty Deal, the Friend Deal, and the Charity Deal. Create a deal that’s geared toward your business goals and objectives. For instance, if you’re looking to drive traffic into your business? Create an Individual Deal. Give visiting and shopping customers a discount on a product or service you offer in your store. Want to reward your loyal customers for coming back to your business time and time again? Create a Loyalty Deal that can be claimed by patrons and customers after they reach a certain number of check-ins to your business. How about shopping in numbers? Offer a Friend Deal giving a discount to a group of people who check-in to your business up to 8 people strong. Lastly, show your customers that you care by offering a Charity Deal. Everytime a customer checks in to your establishment, the deal will process a donation to a charitable organization of your choosing. Get the real deal and further information on Facebook Deals here, from this helpful pdf Facebook created: Deals Guide for Businesses.

That’s it, the deal is done. Or should I say, let the deals begin! What do you think of Facebook Deals? Effective, useful, an interesting new marketing tool for business? How will you use Facebook Deals to further connect with your customers? Share your thoughts, ideas, and one offs here about the news and this post.

– Social Chadder


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