3 QR Code Platforms that Help Connect your Customers to your Business’ Social Network

[tweetmeme source=”socialchadder”]The QR Code craze has caught fire my friends and if  you’re not feeling the heat, this will help you add fuel to the flames. QR Codes are quickly becoming one of the more popular and useful applications for Businesses and Business Professionals to promote and market their Products, Services, and their Business to prospective Customers and Clients.

What are QR Codes? Here’s a Quick Recap – QR Codes, Quick Response Codes, are 2-Dimensional Bar Codes that contain embedded information. Embedded information of which can include Company Websites, Contact Information, Sales Promotions, even Social Media Network Sites and Contacts. These data driven codes can be read by using your Smartphone with such applications as MobileTag, Scanlife, and the Kaywa Reader. They are becoming an increasingly popular portal to the web and people everywhere are accessing them from their smartphones.

Whether on a Billboard, in a Newspaper or Magazine Advertisement, on an In-Store Sign, or even on ones Business Card, QR Codes are becoming more powerful and promotional marketing tools that you should be considering for you and your Business. Here are 3 QR Code Platforms that I’ve found do an excellent job of creating a seamless connection for your Customers to your Business’ Social Network.

Tappinn is world’s first mobile “smart site” mobile tagging platform. The Tappinn Platform allows you to create, design, and build vibrant mobile sites on the backend of your QR Codes that your customers will find both useful and welcoming. When a customer reads a Tappinn QR Code on their smartphone, they are taken to your Tappinn Mobile Site where they can act on all of your important Business information. Their they can download your Business vCard, connect via phone or email, and even visit your Social pages, like your Blog, Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook pages. One of the best features of the Tappinn platform is the analytics. All user engagements with the Tappinn QR Codes can track and target unique environments, specific markets, and exact locations. Test out the Tappinn platform for your Business to create your own smart site.

View my Tappinn Social Chadder QR Code:

Kimtag is connection hub that provides a true home for your entire online world. Kimtag allows you to create one single web address and QR Code for all of your Business information and Social Network Sites. The unique thing about the kimtag platform is the number of optional web connections that you can add to your mobile/web hub page. Sure you have the likes of phone, email, website, and your most popular Social pages like Twitter and Facebook, but you also have the option to add an incredible amount of other Social Networks including Stumbleupon, Flickr, YouTube, Foursquare, MySpace, WordPressVimeo, Skype, and Tumblr, just to name nine or so more. Once complete your kimtag page showcases an impressive amount of Social Contact information for customers to connect with your Business. Be sure to use the additional allowable information including an about section and location where you can speak more about your business. Create your first connection hub for your Business with a QR Code from kimtag.

View my kimtag Social Chadder QR Code:

JumpScan aims to become your physical link to your virtual world. Using the Jumpscan platform you can combine all of your Business contact and Social Media information for quick, on-the-go sharing. Jumpscan will help you create a stylish mobile web page that contains all of your necessary professional business information. On your profile page, you can connect with friends via Gmail or Facebook, add Social Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, as well as include additional contact information like phone, email, web, and more about your business. Jumpscan also tracks stats on your QR Code detailing the number of unique QR Scans your Code has received. Jumpscan is now open for beta testing and is limited to the first 50,000 users so jump on it and create your Jumpscan QR Code quick.

View my JumpScan Social Chadder QR Code:

Do you currently use QR Codes for your Business? If so, how have QR Codes improved your marketing efforts in connecting your customers to your Business’ Social Network?

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