Super Bowl XLVI and the Social Media Command Center are set for Take-Off

Super Bowl XLVI kicks off tonight, between the New England @Patriots and the New York @Giants,  in downtown Indianapolis at @LucasOilStadium. What’s unique about this year’s Super Bowl, is not that this is a re-match of Super Bowl XLII between the Patriots and the Giants, is the introduction and creation of the NFL’s very own Social Media Command Center. The social media command center, set up by social marketing agency Raidious, is staffed by 16 full-time employees and 30 volunteers, who will manage the @SuperBowl2012 Twitter handle, as well as related social sites FacebookFlickrYouTube and Foursquare accounts. This is a tremendous account of how important #SocialMedia is not only to the social landscape, but to sporting events, business, marketing, and advertising. With over 150,000 people estimated to be visiting Indianapolis during the Super Bowl, this Command Center will serve as the main information source for fans, attendees, and patrons alike for just about anything you would want to know about the Super Bowl while visiting and staying in Indianapolis. For a closer view inside the Social Media Command Center, view this News Report from WTHR-TV Indianapolis:

Will you be following the Super Bowl through Social Media while the games going on? Search hashtags: #SB46, #SuperBowl46, and #SuperBowl on Twitter to keep up with the latest. Also, check out these great resources mentioning all of the accounts, sites, and people who you should be following:

What do you think of the Social Media Command Center and the way that the NFL has integrated Social Media into the Super Bowl this year? Do you feel that they did a solid job setting this up, and do you believe that if successful we will see this further integration of Social Media like this into other big sporting events? Weigh-in below.


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