How To Follow NCAA #MarchMadness via Social Media

The NCAA Tournament officially kicked off today as 64 teams play for there chance to make it to the big dance and earn the right as the national champion of college basketball. Last year Nearly 100 million (99.9 million) viewers watched all-or-part of CBS Sports’ and Turner Sports’ coverage of the 2011 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship between March 15-March 17, according to a Nielsen cume study. The 99.9 million viewers was an 11 percent increase over 89.6 million for CBS Sports’ coverage in 2010 and higher than any of the all-or-art viewership in the past 10 years during the first two weeks of the NCAA Tournament. This year is expected to be no different, with increased excitement surrounding the games and the interest of the fans in their favorite collegiate teams, viewership of the 2012 NCAA Tournament will likely  exceed the previous years record.

For many of us, watching all 67 games on Television is not an option, so we turn to Social Media to stay in tune with what’s going on in the Tournament to capture Live updates, the latest scores, player news, team eliminations, etc. If you’re like me, and can’t follow the Tournament on the tube, here are the best ways to stay in the know and follow the latest action of the 2012 NCAA Tournament via Social Media.

Twitter: Stay connected to the Tournament on Twitter by following these Handles and Hashtags for latest stories, news, and opinions.

@MarchMadness: The official NCAA March Madness destination for all things Division I Men’s Basketball an your source for the latest Tournament news, game scores, and team updates.

@MarchMadnessTV: Follow for exclusive live, national coverage of all 67 NCAA Tournament games across 4 networks.

@HoopsonCBS: The official home of NCAA College Basketball on CBS live tweeting game coverage, scores, and analyst updates.

Search the following Hashtags on Twitter to see what fans, experts, and analysts are saying in real-time about the Tournament: #MarchMadness #NCAATourney #NCAA

Facebook: Keep connected with the latest news and scores from the Tournament by liking the March Madness page and follow their feed.

NCAA Men’s Basketball March Madness: Your one source to travel the road to the Final Four on Facebook. Like the page and subscribe to the feed in order to see the latest posts and updates regarding game scores, player news, and team updates.

CBS Sports Brackets App: Get even more involved with the tournament, show your fan allegiance, recruit your friends, and stay connected with the games by adding this app. Pick the 4 teams that you have playing in the last weekend of the tournament.

Google+: Add NCAA March Madness to your Circles to stay up to speed with all the live action from the Tournament.

+NCAA March Madness: The one and only voice of the Tournament on Google+ to keep you connected with what matters most.

Search the following HashTags on Google+ in order to follow your favorite teams and complete March Madness coverage on Google+: #NCAA #Sports #MarchMadness

GetGlue: Check-in on GetGlue to show you’ve tuned into the game, join in the conversation, plus unlock Limited-Edition stickers!

Round of 64: Check-in to the Round of 64: NCAA Tournament on GetGlue as the Tournament kicks, plus unlock a special Limited Time sticker!

Sweet 16: Check-in to the Sweet 16: NCAA Tournament as only sixteen teams remain alive vying to get to the Final Four, and you’ll unlock a special Limited Time sticker.

Final Four: Check-in to the Final Four, College Basketball’s biggest weekend, as a quartet of teams head to New Orleans, Louisiana, to square off for a position in the NCAA Championship and unlock a special Limited Time sticker.

National Championship: Check-in to the National Championship as the top two teams of the Tournament face off for a chance a winning it all, and unlock a special Limited Time sticker.

Do you follow the NCAA Tournament via Social Media? Do you have other sites or means via Social Media that keep you connected? If so, share them in the comments section below.

And for those of you who were wondering who I have winning it all in my 2012 NCAA Basketball Bracket, picked myself an under-dog. Here you go:


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