Popularity of Pinterest [INFOGRAPHICS]

Pinterest is now 9 months old and has created quite a buzz around the social media world. From home design sites like HGTV to social media strategists like Jay Baer, many have adopted Pinterest and put forth a strategy and effort to explore, indulge, interact, and most of all engage in pinning and repinning some of their favorite images, findings, places, pictures, and more. Have you? If not, perhaps you don’t know, haven’t heard, or just haven’t had the chance to play with Pinterest and check out the site, the experience, and the concept behind pinning on Pinterest. If not, fear not. Here are 3 Infographics that may sway you into joining the other 11+ million early adopters, plus will inform you about what’s driving the really popularity behind Pinterest.

1. Is Pinterest The Next Social Commerce Game Changer via @Monetate

Excellent Infographic from Monetate originally shown on Mashable explaining the effect Pinterest could have on Brands with regards to Social Media and Social Commerce.

2. Pinterest Deconstructed – For eTailers and Content Marketers via @Maxymiser

Well designed and detailed Infographic from Maxymiser originally posted on Mashable breaking down the Who, Where, and the Why surrounding Pinterest.

3. Why Is Pinterest So Addictive? via @Flowtown

Perfect Infographic to showcase the true popularity of Pinterest from Flowtown originally posted on Mashable.


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