Introducing the SC Referral Program

Do you know or have clients, friends, even business partners that are in need of help with Business Blogging and Social Media Marketing? If so, Social Chadder can help!

In today’s business world, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Personal business referrals and business credibility are very important. Knowing the right people to handle the right project is important. That’s why I’ve created the Social Chadder Referral Program.

My goal is to help others improve their business marketing and grow their business through the power of Business Blogging and Social Media Marketing. With your help and referrals I can help even more small businesses achieve their goals, develop new strategies, and create social chatter around their business.

If you want to help me help other clients, refer your clients to me, and I’ll pay you for your business referral – simple as that! For each signed contract agreement with Social Chadder, you will receive a referral payment, up to $150, based upon the cost of the client’s business contract.

My Social Media Marketing Services include:


So, spread the word, start sending me your qualified candidates that you feel could use my Social Marketing Services and make sure that they mention YOU as the referrer. For all the details, check out the SC Referral Program by clicking the highlighted link you just passed. Any questions, you’ll see my email address at the bottom.

Thanks for your continued support and I appreciate any referrals sent my way – cheers!

Chad Plass

Social Chadder | Social Marketing

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