The Art of Getting Retweets [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are you looking to get more retweets for your Business? If so, check out this great Infographic created by @NeilPatel of QuickSprout that explains the art of getting retweets. Neil includes some great findings, tips, and tactics to try to implement for your Business which can help get you one step closer to receiving more retweets.

Some key highlights and takeaways to write down and remember:

  • Use only 71-100 characters  – it then leaves room for the RT, @username, and comment
  • Tweets Links – Tweets with links have a higher probability of being retweeted
  • Tweet about Trends – Tweets with popular #Hashtags are retweeted more often
  • Ask for Retweets – Use of Please Retweet and PleaseRT increase retweet rate
  • Timing is important – Tweet between noon and 2pm to get maximum RTs + Friday at that time is the best day for RTs

Have any tips/tricks of your own? What’s worked best for your Business to get more retweets?

Source: via Chad on Pinterest


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