Top 3 Social Media Events to Attend This Year

There are plenty of exciting new events and conferences surrounding social media in 2013. If you haven’t made plans for which events to attend this year, fear not, for I have compiled some of the top social media events that you should be looking to attend in 2013.

Social Media Marketing World

Social Media Examiner, the world’s largest online social media magazine, is set to host the Social Media Marketing World Conference, their first in-person premier conference, in beautiful San Diego, California on April 7th-9th at the bayfront Marriott Marquis & Marina. The conference is designed to help you master social media marketing. Learn from 50 experts (including Guy Kawasaki, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Jay Baer and experts from eBay, Sony Electronics, Zappos and SAP) as they reveal their social media marketing tactics. Highly recommend this conferences as it provides you with the right arena to make professional connections with fellow marketers from all over the world. All the while, you get the opportunity to learn from over 49 expert-led marketing sessions covering social tactics, social strategy, community management and content marketing. Before you Register, watch the below video to discover all that Social Media Marketing World has to offer:


Social Media Explorer, a strategic services agency and leading publishing platform will be hosting Explore in four major cities across the United States. Explore events are scheduled in Scottsdale, Minneapolis, Atlanta and Dallas where you will see some of the top thinkers in digital marketing bring their expertise to you. Explore is an intensive learning event with expert practitioners that will help you move your business ahead through learning more about social media and digital marketing strategy, implementation, and measurement. I am intrigued not only by the speaker attendee list, but also by the conference format in which they showcase a speaker debate where 6 of the most passionate speakers will debate a hot and heavy topic right in-front of the audience. Then you get to vote with the side that has the most compelling argument. Very cool. If you’re looking to learn more, click anyone of the banners below to see what’s happening in the city nearest to you.




Dallas/Fort Worth

Social Fresh East 2013

Social Fresh, a leading social media education company, will be hosting Social Fresh East in Tampa, Florida from April 18th-19th. This two day event is targeted for marketing professionals with the focus on case studies, group discussion and learning, instruction and drilling down on topics including social media for business results. Reason I chose this conference as one of my top 3, is that not only do I already trust Social Fresh for their social media education training materials, but I like the description of the single track format and the 30-minute sessions. I can agree that this would most definitely allow the speakers ample enough time to provide their best content and insights. Before you Register, check out the video below which tells more about all that you can expect at the Social Fresh East 2013 event.

Will you be attending any one of these events above? If so, which ones? Or, if you have another conference or event in which you’ve had a good experience and recommend attending, leave a comment or link below. I’m always interested to learn more about new and exciting events that promote and showcase how to best use social media and blogs to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate more brand awareness and increase sales.


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