6 Simple and Easy Ways to Improve your Facebook Business Page

Struggling for ideas on how to improve your Facebook Business Page? Here are 6 simple and easy ways to that you can impact and improve your Facebook Business page today!

Tie in Twitter: Twitter is the 3rd fastest growing social network just behind Google+ and the monster that is Facebook. I’m going out on a limb here and assuming that you’re Business already has a Twitter account. If you don’t, stop reading this right now and click here. Your Twitter account is another extension of our Brand and Business, and should be a key component to your company’s integrated marketing campaign. The advantage of adding a Twitter Tab to your Facebook page is that it cross promotes additional content that you are sharing, as well as introduces new followers to “Liking” your Facebook page. One of my favorite Tab Apps that I recommend using and adding is the Twitter Tab for Facebook Pages from Woobox.com. Example of the Tab below used on Woobox Facebook page:

Woobox Twitter Tab

Integrate Instagram: You’ve heard actions speak louder than words, well photos speak louder than words when it comes to social media marketing. People engage with photos more than ever now. Photos attract your audience’s attention and contribute to driving engagement. If your business is currently using Instagram to market your brand, bring those photos into Facebook using Statigram. Statigram pulls in the display of your Instagram feed,  allows you to add a #hashtag feed, and helps you to gain followers with a Follow button linking to your Instagram web profile. Check it out:

Istatigram Facebook Tab App

Create a Cool Cover Photo: With the introduction of the Cover Photo brands have had to re-think how they present themselves and what exactly to promote at the top of the page. Your goal with the Cover Photo is to present an image that represents your business and brand. Cover Photos can be fun, stylish, and yet professional all at the same time. With the Facebook Cover Photo Tab App from Pagemodo, you can create a custom Cover Photo that leaves a lasting impression. Pick a theme as a template, add your photos or choose from select stock photos, and even add text to provide and promote a message to your fans and followers. Get started creating your Cover Photo by clicking the image below:

Pagemodo Cover Photo App

Promote your Pinterest Page: Of all the social networks that saw growth in 2012, Pinterest showed the most growth year-over-year for social desktop usage, social web usage and social app usage reports Marketing Land. With that continued growth, what better time than now for your business to capitalize on the opportunity of increased brand exposure by syncing up your Pinterest page with your Facebook page. Whether your business sells products, offers services, or both – your business should be using Pinterest to create boards and pins that relate to your business and drive traffic to your website. The fine folks at Woobox.com, as mentioned above with the Twitter Tab recommendation, also have a killer Pinterest Facebook Tab App that you can easily add to your Facebook Business page. Here’s a of what the Pinterest tab looks like on my Social Chadder Facebook business page:

Woobox Pinterest Facebook Tab App

Boast your Business Blog: Your Blog is an incredible source of content and information that you want followers and users to read and absorb. Blogging takes alot, effort, thought, and strategy when it comes to creating content that people will enjoy. I think that it’s important to allow your blog to have a presence within  your Facebook business page in order to increase readership, subscriptions, and drive awareness. In order to integrate your blog into Facebook, I recommend first adding your blog to Networked Blogs which is home to over 1 million blogs registered including the likes of Seth Godin, Time.com, to name a few. Networked Blogs has a Facebook Tab App that pulls in your immediate blog posts giving visitors a snip-it of your post, but allowing them to click-through to read more. I do have to point out that with this recommendation of adding the blog tab, I do not recommend auto-posting your blog updates directly to Facebook through the Networked Blog app. Rather post your newly published blog posts on your own using your own discretion with regards to timing. This is merely another avenue to gain readership and further promotion of your blog and content. See example of the format that Networked Blogs uses on their own Facebook page:

Networked Blogs Facebook Tab App

Pinvolve your Posts: As we mentioned above, Pinterest is a rapidly growing social network that helps to cross-promote your brand as well as increase traffic to your site. Pinvolve converts Facebook Pages into Pinterest pinboards and increase repins by 150% via TechCrunch. This cool app shows all of your Facebook page posts as pins as well as all of your pins on Pinterest and allows those that like and visit your page to re-post that content to Pinterest. Click on the image below to be taken to the Pinvolve Facebook page and see the app in action as well as click to add it to your own business page:

Pinvolve Facebook Tab App

Hope you found these 6 ways to improve your Facebook Business page helpful and super easy to add. May they improve your Facebook marketing, brand awareness, and drive further engagement for your business. Which of the ones listed above is your favorite?


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