Read All About It…Online News Facts [INFOGRAPHIC]

The days of keeping in touch with current events through tuning in to the evening news or catching the headlines of the morning paper are quickly passing us by. With the emergence and dominance of social networks like Twitter and Google+, information is being shared in real time at a more rapid pace. Gone are the days of having to wait till the morning to catch the box score of the ballgame, when you can follow the game live online via Twitter and receive commentary from some of the most insightful analysts and experts in-game.

Big news is being shared every second of every day with immediate access right at our fingertips via our phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. Twitter is the fastest way to break news now, then the story is shared-out via standard media outlets like broadcast television, radio, etc. More than ever before, this simple and easy way of obtaining information and gathering news facts has become the norm. To highlight the growth and increase of online activity with regards to news facts and the digestion of online information,, created this infographic, entitled Online News Facts – Read All About It.

Here are some of the key highlights and facts worth noting and sharing from the infographic:

– An estimated 80 million online users get their news online daily [click to tweet]

– An estimated 64% of journalists use Google or Yahoo to keep up with daily news [click to tweet]

– Over 100 million people use search engines to research products and services everyday [click to tweet]


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