1 in 5 Americans Cannot Access Facebook at Work

In many of today’s major corporations and companies, social networks are viewed as distractions and blocked from employee access. The thought behind this is that by not allowing employees to access their social networks via their work computers that their in-office productivity will then increase.

A recent workplace study done by Statista sponsored by Mashable, showed that 1 in 5 American employees are unable to access Facebook at work due to technical restrictions put in place by their employer. After Facebook, came Twitter in a close second at 15.1%, followed then by YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

You will find more statistics at Statista

You would think that you would want to encourage the use of social networks by your employees, especially with your company’s brand pages, in order to help spread brand awareness, increase social reach, and cultivate new fans, followers, and brand ambassadors. After all, this is why they invented company social media policies, is it not?

What’s your take on these stats and findings? Do you feel that by not having access to social networks within the workplace it actually increases employee productivity? Does your company not allow social network access in the workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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