Improve your Web Presence by Optimizing your SEO Efforts

Let’s face it, search is one of the most important aspects of business marketing today. If you’re not optimizing it, you’re not getting ahead in the game. In fact, other businesses are likely passing you up in the ranks and moving above or in-front of your business listing. It’s time to take control of the search tactics for your business and become more proactive in promoting your business.

Did you know…three quarters of search users never scroll past the first page. That pretty much means that if you’re not making or showing up on the first page search results, your business is not being seen. This stat comes from the infographic below provided by SEO Reseller Packages. Re-pin and share this graphic on Pinterest by clicking here.



Basic search engine optimization can not only have an impact on your search rank and results, it can also improve the web presence of your business. By taking measures to improve and optimize your site, you can potentially improve your revenue, increase your lead gen, as well as build brand recognition and awareness. If you don’t know where to start, check out these 8 essential SEO Basics from on that will help you position your website for success. My favorite tip provided – Don’t Forget to Optimize for Multiple Channels – meaning that your keyword strategy that you implement on your website should carry over to the social channels that you actively participate on. This helps create consistency and helps your business branding efforts.

Once you got a few of the basics down and have taken measures to make your site more search friendly, continue to hone your skills and proactively work on mastering your search skills. Search is continuing to change everyday as algorithms are updated and the content selection process changes. You can stay ahead of the competition through reading, research, and working on top SEO principles. There’s a great chart called The Periodic Table of SEO Success Factors written by that I recommend you read up on and study. It┬ásummarizes the major factors to focus on for search engine ranking success.

Optimizing your SEO efforts can have a dramatic impact on your business and help improve your web presence. Make sure to include search marketing as an integral and important part of your marketing business plan and strategy. Start now by making changes for today that will help set your business up for success tomorrow.


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