How B2B Marketers Engage on Twitter [STATS]

Every wondered how B2B marketers describe themselves across social networks? Better yet, what social networks are B2B marketers most active on? Problem solved and research recorded. LeadTail, a B2B agency based out of Burlingame, CA run by @heykarri and @carterhostelley that specializes in online marketing and social media services put together an incredible set of social insights surrounding how B2B marketers act, engage, and share across the social landscape of Twitter.

The data collected was analyzed from 500 North American B2B marketers (manager level and above), working in the areas of: Online marketing, Content Marketing, Demand Gen/Lead Gen, Social Media, Strategy, and Community, that published tweets between June 1, 2013 – August 31, 2013.

Here are some of Key Takeaways:

  • B2B marketers are business leaders focused on curating a social media presence that showcases their skills, relationships, and expertise. [click to tweet]
  • Social media, content marketing, big data, and mobile are active, top-of-mind conversation topics for B2B marketers. [click to tweet]
  • B2B marketers consume Industry Media to stay up to date and informed, making it a key channel for reaching these decision makers. [click to tweet]
  • B2B marketers engage heavily with content from an elite group of vendors, creating both opportunity and challenges for other vendors  that want to influence the conversation. [click to tweet]
  • B2B marketers actively engage with those they consider thought leaders – whether those are people or vendors. [click to tweet]

How do B2B marketers describe themselves?

What do B2B marketers talk about?

Which social networks are B2B marketers on?

What are the most shared Industry Sources by B2B Marketers?

What are the most shared Social Sources by B2B marketers?

What vendors do B2B marketers retweet most?

Which vendors do B2B marketers mention the most?

Who do B2B marketers retweet the most?

Who do B2B marketers mention the most?

Props to for conducting a killer set of stats following the social behaviors, actions, and sources of B2B marketers across Twitter. Review the data for yourself and download the full report by visiting here.

What did you learn from viewing the stats above? Are you a B2B marketer yourself that can attest to contributing to some of these stats and findings? Share your comments and feedback.

Boiled peanuts were the ceremonious gift


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