The Power Of The #Hashtag [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ah, the hashtag, everyone’s favorite call-out across social media. Big brands use them to promote an ad campaign, an company initiative, or a new product launch.┬áBusinesses use them to promote an event, sale, or product. And individuals use them to describe places, tv shows, music, emotions, and more.

Hashtags have become more main-stream and universal across most all social media platforms. Most well-known on Twitter, hashtags have grown to be used and tracked on Instagram, Google+, Facebook, and Pinterest. No love for LinkedIn though, as even though they are one of the largest social networking platforms, that has yet to adopt hashtags.

The hashtag is a powerful marketing tool. It can drive influence, create trends, and make small movements grow into larger than life initiatives. Check out the infographic below from the American Express OPEN and the Huffington Post to better understand the power of the hashtag. Here are some the key highlights and tips worth noting and sharing:

– In social media, the #hashtag is one of the most powerful tools around [Tweet]

– A fitting #hashtag can help drive brand recognition and boost the reach of an advertising campaign [Tweet]

– Don’t over-tag a single tweet. Twitter officially recommends no more than two #hashtags per Tweet [Tweet]

– Choose just one #hashtag to speak for your brand and strengthen consumer awareness [Tweet]

– Placing a #hashtag in a well trafficked public location or somewhere seen on TV can drive use [Tweet]

– Choose a #hashtag that is crystal-clear – complicated hashtags often don’t work as intended [Tweet]

The Power Of The #Hashtag [INFOGRAPHIC]


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