Best Days and Times to Post on Social Media [#INFOGRAPHIC]

Picture this, you’ve created some killer content for your business blog and can’t wait to share it with our audience. We’ve all been there, right? You’ve written one of your best blog posts on a trending topic that you feel can be of great benefit to your customers. You’ve written out your social media posts for all of the sites you’re going to publish on, plus picked the perfect image to support your content and message, however one question still remains – when? You know that this content is going to be beneficial to your customers and want to make sure you post it at the right time for maximum exposure.

The question of ‘when to post’ is an important one and can make or break the engagement and activity of your post. Well worry no more.¬†QuickSprout has gathered all of the important things to consider for posting your content on ALL of the the major social media sites.

Use the Infographic below as a guide to help you better understand the optimal days and times to post your content in order to receive the most bank for your buck. Here are some of the key highlights and callouts worth noting and sharing:

  • Engagement rates fall 3.5% below average for posts published Monday through Wednesday on Facebook [tweet]
  • Weekdays provide 14% more engagement than weekends for B2B on Twitter [tweet]
  • Twitter engagement rates and CTRs are highest on weekends and Wednesdays for B2C [tweet]
  • ¬†Best time to tweet: 5pm for highest retweets. 12pm and 6pm for highest CTR [tweet]
  • According to LinkedIn, weekdays during business hours are the best time to post [tweet]
  • According to Fannit, worst times to post on LinkedIn are Monday and Friday for US Time Zones [tweet]
  • According to Fannit, best times to pin are Saturday, 2am – 4am and 8pm – 11pm [tweet]
  • According to SEJ, Pinterest activity peaks at approximately 9pm [tweet]
  • On Google+, social media posts on Wednesdays at 9am do best in terms of social applause & engagement [tweet]

Best Times To Post


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