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Welcome, thanks for visiting my site and wanting to learn a little bit more about me, @SocialChadder. I am an experienced social media marketer, media strategist, community manager, blogger, and sports fan. I have over 12 years experience with content marketing and curation, social media, and advertising. I am proficient working with social media sites Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ to name a few, and I enjoy designing and developing social media strategies, marketing plans, advertising campaigns, and media plans to benefit business.

I am currently designing social media strategies and campaigns for businesses to create value, brand awareness, and increase following. Social Chadder social marketing services include devising a social media strategy, social media site setup and design, social campaign management and development, social promotions, and business blogging. I have great experience in working with the most popular social sites and can design and develop a social media marketing campaign to meet specific business goals and needs. If you and your business need social media guidance, help, or campaign and strategy development, I think that I can help create social chatter around your business. Feel free to Contact me or share my information with your business associates, friends, and professional connections as well to offer my social media services.

My Social Chadder blog shares my thoughts and viewpoints about the wonderful world of marketing, advertising, and social media. I write articles and columns to inspire, inform, and enlighten others on what’s new, what’s happening, and what’s trending in today’s media marketplace. As marketing changes and social media evolves, so does the environment around it. As new social tools come to light, new sites arise, and new startups pop up it’s important to stay in the know and understand where things are headed. If you find social media, marketing, and advertising as interesting and exciting as I do, follow me here, share my articles, and stay informed by subscribing to receive my latest posts. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit my site, understand my social media services, read my blog, and learn a little bit more about me. I appreciate you stopping by and would love it if you found my page insightful or worthwhile to share it with your friends and  followers. If you would like to speak with me more about anything related to Social Chadder, my professional experience, my work, and/or my social media business services drop me a line here.

Chad Plass

Social Chadder | Social Marketing

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